Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Bangi Wonderland Theme Park

Bangi Wonderland Theme Park
Another theme park!??!
Isn’t this the one I read last month?

Well, I braved myself to visit this place and I wasn’t disappointed.  Before I even start my review of this place, let me share a couple of things first.

Below is my observation (jiwa marketing tak lari jauh)
1. Feasible and great place to have a small Family Gathering or Family Day
2. Fun place for a small scale birthday party too
3. Not too big for kids to get lost, small enough for parents to have eye-view visibility (as long as the kids don't wonder to adult rides lah)

4. Reasonably priced packages - entrance + food for group activities/booking. Package includes of managing few teambuilding games
5. Distance within KL/Selangor area makes it easier/accessible
6. There are medics available at the park to check on one’s health before going for the rides such as heart attack, high blood pressure and etc

Not a big fan of waterpark, I was surprise that what to me was a small scale park, actually have so many rides to offer its customers; namely Kids Adventure, Magic Funnel, Anaconda Trail, The Fall, Green Pearl, Wonder Loop, Spiralax, Body Slide, Pirates Bay, Water Cannon, Boomeriang, Surf Rider, Insane Racer, Typhoon River, Meander River and Pirates Spa.

Water Cannon is one game you should try.

There is a main area (with chairs and table and stage) for one to lepak, gather and organize an event. You can also liaise and work with the marketing person to check whether can they allocate a smaller and more cozy area for a small family and friends gathering. I am sure the team can work some magic for you and your event.

As the place is not that crowded especially during weekdays, my suggestion is for you to come during this period, try to avoid school holidays and weekends. This way, you and your friends/family/kids can have the place (almost) to yourself. Kiasu giler hokkay.

Bangi Wonderland Theme Park
2, Persiaran Bangi Avenue
Bangi Avenue, 43000
Kajang, Selangor

Tel : +603 8912 8333

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Tumis Betik | A Javanese delicacy in Kampung Sg. Buah

Earlier on you have read on me sharing a Banjarese Ayam Balaos recipe and the story on Nasi Ambeng and few other delicacies from the Javanese communities in Kuala Selanngor. This time around, I thought perhaps I should share another Javanese delicacy; Tumis Betik from Kampung Sg. Buah, located in Dengkil, Selangor.

This is so far, the simplest and easiest recipe I’ve learnt from the locals that I’ve visited so far. And the taste, super delicious, one that you can snack (ratah) without paring it with rice. Yup! Kid you not.

It is learnt that the Javanese, along with other communities in Indonesia such as Banjarese, Minangs and Javanese migrated to Tanah Melayu (now known as Malaysia), seeking for a better livelihood and better future for their family. This was back in late 1880 till early 1900 when the Indonesia was being colonized by the Dutch. The Javanese especially traveled and settled in Selangor, where majority makes these few district their home till now, namely Tanjung Karang, Sabak Bernam, Kuala Selangor, Kelang, Banting and Sepang.

Javanese, Minang and Boyanese

Those that pioneered the land in Sepang or Dengkil area are namely from Aceh (Acehnese) hence there are a story about how the town was name; an old place called Nibong Dengkil. Another communities in Kampung Sg. Bua hos the Boyan communities of Bawaen Island and the other, Javanese and Minang.

The island of Baweans is located in the Java Sea, due to the migration of the local men to other parts of Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia for in search for a source of income for their family members, the island is not constitutes approximately 70% of females thus it is also referred to as the Island of Women or Pulau Putri. The locals are known as Boyan or Boyanese, the largest from the island to largest cities in Indonesia and neighboring countries occurred in the later 1940s – early 1950s, and later during the 1880 till 1900. At the height of Bawaen Island, produce such as Indogo, cotton fabrics, tobacco, coal and even Bawean deer and local breed of horse were being traded.

Tumis Betik / Sauteed papaya with anchovies and chili

Javanese being one of the largest population in Kampung Sg, Buah makes it culture and cuisine more popular amongst the communities. Tumis Betik, a simple dish that I’ve learn and will be sharing.

Unripe papaya (betik)
Anchovies – pounded
Birds eye chili - chopped
Small onion (bawang merah/kecil)

Below are the step by step on how to cook Tumis Betik.

Fry garlic and small onion

Add anchovies 

 Add birds eye chili

Finally, add the unripe papaya

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Heritage Inspired | Confidence Has No Competition


Confidence Has No Competition.
This is what I felt  when I first met Hanisah Izzat from Sungai Buloh, the owner of HERITAGE INSPIRED. There isn’t much to shout out about her, except that she is a Primary School Science Teacher that has a passion on craft. The beauty about her is that her curiosity on dinner clutch bag drove her in learning to make one, from… you guessed it. Youtube.

If curiosity killed the cat, and Hanisah slayed it. On point. *wink*
Not only she is a self-taught in making a clutch bag maker, she decided that since she is good at it, why not go one step further by adding Malaysia element in this new hobby/craft of hers. Ie. our own culture. Our heritage. Our songket!

Started by ‘hijacking’ her father’s songket samping, followed by her mom’s beautiful batik and all, she perfected the art of songket/batik clutch bag. And there is no turning back ever since, nothing can stop this beautiful young lady, and guess what, she also does embroidery bags and looking at running classes for clutch-making.

When asked where did she source all her clutch frames (after all, we already knew how she got her materials *cheeky smile*), she said mostly via online and Singapore, as well as China. The next question was whether she plans to do it in a larger volume and expand her territory (in terms of market), well, she is pretty contented with her craft and the small scale output. This was she it is more personalized and rare as you won’t get 2 of the same. I kinda agree with this statement.

I guess this goes beyond aspiration, beyond empowering youth and woman, its sheer determination, turning passion into business while upholding our heritage values. She is a great role model to her students and us alike.

The world is her oyster and she embracing it gracefully, clutching a songket purse.

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